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ADV Info -- **Survey Participation**

Hi everyone!!

This is one of the few times that I have ever sent out a mass e-mail to ALL clubs! As you can imagine, I needed a big audience for what I’m about to say! Before I dive right into it, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!

Now for the fun – I am REALLY disappointed in the level of participation in our monthly surveys. We have less than 2% total participation among all the clubs. That number has been pretty consistent since the start of this program a year ago. That is not good! I need 100% participation monthly. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to start making the surveys mandatory. I LOVE providing cool, FREE content for your club program, but I need a little something in return. A lot of time and energy is invested in them! AND the participation that I graciously beg for every month only helps ADV help you. It’s all for your benefit down the road. I promise that we use this VALUABLE information to make our program and services more beneficial to you!! Starting January 1st, I will begin making the surveys mandatory. I will contact your club on an individual basis to discuss your survey participation. If your club does not participate, then I will not be able to include you in the monthly mail-outs until this is addressed.

Monthly surveys can be found at www.advfilms.com/advocates/surveys.asp

I am so sorry that I have to make this new rule. I did try to drive up survey participation without having to go to this extreme with the current Survey Contest. If you weren’t already aware, we have a survey contest that was announced in the November newsletter. The survey contest runs through January 2006. I checked the November participation and we had less than 100 responses. (Now you see why I’m so discouraged!) Please note that there are rules and regulations for this contest, so please make sure you don’t violate them (For example, don’t have people fill out more than one survey per month, etc.). Complete rules can be found here: http://www.advfilms.com/advocates/contest.asp.

A couple of things to note: If your club does not have access to computers, then go ahead and print off the surveys online and mail completed ones to me. I can have someone input the data on my end. I definitely want to work with everyone based on their available resources. The newsletters can be found online at www.advfilms.com/advocates/newsletters.asp if you need to print out more copies for your club members.

Come on everyone!!! PLEASE help me out!! Please, please, please. The state of this program is in your hands. Show me what you’re made of!!

If you have any questions on this, please shoot me an email. Let’s work out any concerns that you may have with this, so your club membership is not jeopardized. Thanks in advance to every single one of you that is helping me out. We all love reading and talking about anime. I don’t want that to end with ONE SINGLE CLUB!!

**Please disseminate this e-mail to ALL your club members at your next club meeting.**


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