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Winter and Spring Terms

What type of anime would people be interested in seeing and why?

Winter Term:
Irresponsible Captain Tylor - One of my favorite series. It's almost a complete comedy with a subtle drama laying beneath the surface that emerges from time to time. Awesome series in my opinion. The liner notes on the DVD also help explain some of the cultural things casual viewers may not be aware of and they explain a few of the jokes and how they work them out in the translation. But I'm being remiss by not giving an idea of the story. The anime is based on a book series and there have been a few changes between the two... but what remains the same is a Tylor. Ready to live the easy life, he decides to join the army just as intergalactic war is starting up. He quickly finds himself a captain of a battleship. The series follows him and his crew.

Vandread - War has been waging between men and women for generations, and now a mysterious 3rd entity has appeared and seems intent on destroying them both! Only a small band of female pirates and their male prisoners have a clue as to what is happening. Together, they must either unite men and women together, or find some means to stop this new force. The series reminds me of Tenchi, with a host of women characters and a few male characters. I've only watched the first season so far, but I really liked it! :)

Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars - A slower series, more interested in the relationships of a duke and a princess. It's a SF drama that has deep characterization and moments of flash. The pace, in my opinion, is similar to .hack//SIGN, but the series has more forward momentum. I've only watched the first season so far, but I bought the other two seasons. This series is also based on a book series in Japan.

Spring Term:
Princess Nine - A girl high school is determined to compete with the boy high schools in baseball. The production values are a little low in spots, but an enjoyable series. The series focuses on the daughter of a former high school baseball champion, and her apparent gift to pitch like he use to. A series with ups and downs, at times a bit cliche, at other times pleasantly surprising.

Brigadoon - A TV series of hope and optimism that is cruelly crushed episode after episode. Two worlds are colliding, and Marin, a young girl, seems to be the key to saving either one, or possibly both worlds, but creatures from the other world seem to want her dead except for her mysterious guardian, Melan, and a strange green cat-like creature. Is she the key to saving the world? Will she live long enough to find out?

Battle Athletes - Where to start? Another comedy type anime with an underlying dramatic story. Akari is the daughter of the most renowned Cosmic Beauty champion (the ultimate woman athelte) of all time. Unfortunately for Akari, she doesn't seem to have much of her mother's talent. A fun series with an amusing cast of characters.

Any Time:
Macross Plus: The Movie - An edited version of the Macross Plus OVA series with about 30 minutes of additional material that helps flesh out a few relations ships and helps give closure to the ending of the series, whcih the OVA left a little too open in my opinion. Great animation, and amazing music by Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne). This movie has been described as the Top Gun of anime.

There is no way we could watch all of these, heck, there may not be time to watch any of these titles, or you may have seen them and hated them. If anyone has other suggestions, I'd like to hear them. Even if we don't see them in anime club, they may wander onto my "anime to buy" list.
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