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Another Club E-mail...

The forum for Wednesday will be in the Calapooia room, instead of the Oregon room. Also, this is from Sarah Cole, Student Activities Board Director.

Lighting of the Giant Sequoia
Western Oregon University


On behalf of the Associated Students of Western Oregon University’s Student Activities Board I would like to invite you to be a part of our traditional Lighting of the Giant Sequoia parade. The parade will be on the evening of December 1, 2004 at approximately 6:30.
Western Oregon University would be honored to have your organization, hall govt., or piece of the community be part of our annual parade. This is an event that most of our community participates in, and for you, an excellent opportunity to show the enthusiasm you share with us.
Here are the guidelines and other pertinent information for the parade:

The parade will start as soon as the tree is lit, therefore each participant must meet in Parking Lot D (corner of Jackson and Warren) at 6:00pm on Wednesday to get placed for the parade. The route will start in front of Yang’s Teriyaki restaurant and will end in front of Hamersly Library.
Floats may not have any highly flammable materials on them.
Small lights are acceptable, but open flames are not.
There needs to be one person on each side of your float, walking, while it is in motion to keep small children and pets out of harms way.
You may toss candy, but be sure to toss it on to the ground and not at people.

If you wish to participate in the parade, you MUST contact me by phone or email, by 11/24/04, so that a float schedule can be made and handed out before the event. When calling or emailing, please include your name, organization, and contact information (preferably an email address).
Thank you so much for your participation in this amazing community event. I hope to see you all there because you are ALL a huge part of our community! Please contact me with any questions you may have.

With best regards,
Sarah Cole Aaron Worley
Student Activities Board Director Student Activities Coordinator
Western Oregon University SAB Advisor
activities@aswou.org worleya@wou.edu
503-838-8558 503-838-8514
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