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hentai inside

hey guys

so i seriously do wanna set up a hentai night, sometime

at least one night
and then, if its successful
we can repeat it as we see fit

the thing is, we probably couldnt do it in the library
cause, even though they probably wouldnt know the difference
i dont think the school would appreciate us watching porn, there

we could do it at someones own place
but we would need a readily available computer
which we would be able to seat a few people around
in a comfortable fashion

the reason is, most of the hentai i own
isnt on dvd or vhs

its just downloaded stuff

the perfect solution, as far as i can tell
would be a laptop that was capable
of being connected to a television input

so um... if anyone has something like that
or knows someone who does
the anime club would really like to borrow it for a night :P

as for actual content, ive got a few good ones
that i think everyone can enjoy
without being too terribly disturbed, or anything

of course, everyone else is welcome to bring their own favorites, as well

i dont really plan on this being a formal thing

anyway... give me your thoughts and ideas

in the mean time, ill just continue downloading porn
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